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Nurse performs free pregnancy check up

Pregnancy Verification

Before you make this important decision, we are here to help you determine the viability of your pregnancy. We will do a pre-screening that will include the following:

  • An intake interview with a nonjudgmental team member who cares about you.
  • An hCG urine pregnancy test with a medical proof of positivity or negativity.
    Health education and resources that will help you make the best decision for you, your current family, and your future family.
  • A limited diagnostic obstetrical ultrasound to help determine viability (because you may not even need an abortion, if there are signs of miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy).

Thinking About Getting An Abortion?

Get a FREE ultrasound to determine the viability of the pregnancy before paying for an unnecessary procedure. Our team can provide the medical answers you need to decide.

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After submitting, a team member from JMJ Pregnancy Center will reach out to with available times and answer any questions you may have.