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Considering Abortion?

Whether you suspect a potential unplanned pregnancy or have already confirmed your pregnancy and are planning to schedule an appointment with an abortion clinic, our team wants to help you understand the facts of abortion so that you can feel empowered to make a decision that’s best for you.

Abortion Methods

There are several methods of abortion that are used to terminate pregnancy. These methods are typically broken up into two different groups: medical abortion and surgical abortion.  Abortion procedures differ in many ways. Some differences include:

  • Cost
  • Availability
  • How early or late the abortion can be performed in a pregnancy
  • How invasive the procedure is and recovery period
  • Risks and side effects
  • Ability to reverse the decision following the procedure if you change your mind

It’s important to understand each of these before scheduling a procedure with an abortion clinic.

Medical Abortion

The Abortion Pill

The abortion pill is a medical abortion method. Oftentimes, you may hear it referred to as “chemical abortion” or “medication abortion”. Regardless of the name, the process is the same. Unlike the name suggests, the abortion pill consists of two different pills containing different medications that are taken in sequence. 

The first medication works by blocking a hormone called progesterone, which is needed in order for the pregnancy to continue. The second medication causes cramping and bleeding in order to begin the process of emptying the uterus. 

When Can the Abortion Pill Be Taken?
The abortion pill has been approved by the FDA for use up to 11 weeks after the first day of your last menstrual period.

Having Abortion Pill Regret?

It may not be too late!

If you have recently taken the first dose of the abortion pill and are having regrets, it may not be too late, but you’ll need to act quickly. Call us today to get connected with a medical professional who can walk you through your options and give you further information.

Surgical Abortion

Surgical abortion refers to abortion procedures that are more invasive and require more than just medication. These procedures consist of a medical professional physically ending and removing the pregnancy from the body. Surgical abortion procedures are typically performed for women who are further along in their pregnancy (in the second or third trimester). Because the pregnancy is further along, the fetus is larger in size and requires surgical intervention to be removed. 

Aspiration Abortion

Aspiration, which is also referred to as “Suction Abortion” or “Vacuum Aspiration Abortion”, is performed between 5 and 12 weeks of pregnancy. During this procedure, a medical professional will numb the cervix using a needle injection and will then use metal rods to stretch open the cervix. A tube connected to a vacuum device is then inserted through the cervix into the uterus and suction is used to pull out the fetus and remove any remaining tissues from the uterus. 

Dilation & Evacuation Abortion

Dilation & Evacuation Abortion (commonly known as “D&E”) is a more complex procedure that is performed between weeks 12 and 21 of pregnancy. D&E is very similar to Aspiration, however because the pregnancy is further along, the increased size of the fetus requires different surgical tools to remove the pregnancy. 

During a D&E procedure, the fetus may be removed intact or in pieces, depending on its size. Even if the fetus is removed intact, tools may be used to crush the head in order to allow for it to fit through the cervix. The individual performing the abortion will then use suction to remove any additional tissues that may be left behind in the uterus.

After-Abortion Support

Making the decision to have an abortion can be difficult and often comes with conflicting emotions. Whether you have had an abortion, are considering an abortion, or are connected with someone who has, we are here to offer help and support.

Emotional Support and Counseling
JMJ Pregnancy Center provides compassionate, personalized and confidential support services.  

Key Benefits of After Abortion Support

  • Emotional support and guidance
  • Empathy and understanding 
  • The opportunity to learn and grow from others’ stories
  • Tools and resources to help you on your healing journey
Woman is happy to receive pregnancy counseling at JMJC

Get the Pregnancy Support You Need

We understand that making a decision about your pregnancy can be deeply personal and is certainly not easy. We are here to help you embrace your choices and move forward with confidence and self-love. Our team here at JMJ Pregnancy Center is here to provide you with accurate information as well as emotional support to help you make the decision that is best for you. Let us join you in your journey towards healing and personal growth.

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