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Fun Facts About Baby Development in Utero

Nine months is a long time to wait to meet your baby. You know it’s there growing inside of you, but all of those ultrasounds and heartbeats are making you even more excited! With only these short glimpses of your little one, it’s hard to know what’s going on during these nine months. 

Abortion Pill Facts

At JMJ Pregnancy Center, we understand the range of emotions and choices that come with an unexpected pregnancy. That’s why we want to empower you with the information, support, and resources you may need to ensure you’re ultimately making the choice that is best and safest for you. 

What is a Pregnancy Center?

Perhaps you’re reading this and you’re concerned you might be pregnant and have no idea where to start with considering what options are available to you. Maybe you’ve found yourself in an unexpected situation where you now have important questions or concerns about pregnancy, contraception, or other very personal and vulnerable topics, but you’re not sure who to ask and feel a bit awkward discussing with your close friends or family. 

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