Support JMJ and Families in Need

We want to thank all of our donors, sponsors and volunteers for their support of JMJ Pregnancy Center through their monetary, material and time donations. The generosity of so many directly supports women, children and families in need here in central Florida. We are also excited that you are interested in supporting our efforts. Please check out the ways you can help us continue our mission.

Monetary Donations

Your donations allow us to provide free services to the thousands of families that walk through our doors each year. Our families have decided to choose life, but we cannot abandon them when they have made this selfless and difficult choice.

We are partnering with Continue To Give to do our online donations to allow for a better donation experience and to support organizations that support our mission. Please fill out the form below to make a donation.

Donate to JMJ

Please fill out the form below to make a donation.

Material Donations

As part of our Lifting Lives program, all donated supplies we receive are given to moms and families in need. We accept new and gently used items and are currently in need of the following supplies for our clients. If you have these items, please stop by one of our locations or contact us to arrange a pickup.

For Mothers

  • Maternity clothes (Sizes: XS and S)
  • New manual breast feeding pumps
  • Breast-feeding pads
  • Breast milk storage bags

Baby Food

  • Enfamil formula (All stages)
  • Rice cereal
  • Oatmeal cereal
  • Baby food (Stage 2, fruits and vegetables)

Baby Items

  • Boy clothes (Sizes: 6-9 mo.)
  • Bottles
  • Wipes
  • Baby wash
  • Diaper rash cream


  • Diaper bags
  • High chairs
  • Feeding chairs
  • 56-quart sterile storage bins

Get Involved

We are always looking for new volunteers and opportunities to for fundraisers. If you are passionate about our mission and you want to get involved, here are some of the options we have for you.


For the following opportunities, we are looking for people that are willing to make a commitment to coming in weekly or twice a month.

  • Organizing our material supplies and giving them to families
  • Advising families*
  • Front desk reception
  • Cleaning the center
  • Performing Ultrasounds**

We are also looking for people that are willing and qualified to teach life skills classes and/or mentor our families. These positions are more flexible based on you availability. Please call us and let us know what your specialty is and we can discuss some options with you.

I Would Like to Volunteer

*Requires training
**Must be a sonographer or a Nurse/MD with a license in sonography

We also need occasional help with tasks that can be done from home.  These tasks will be on an as needed basis.

  • Data entry (updating resources)
  • Helping manage our social media/blogging
  • Help support our Marketing and Advertising committee’s needs
  • Other professional services to support our mission

I Would Like to Volunteer

We are also in need of individuals who can assist us in the field. Here are a couple options we have available.

  • Supplier drivers – pick up supplies from donors or deliver larger items to clients
  • Event setup – Occasionally, we need help setting up at various events we host or participate in

I Would Like to Volunteer

Having a Baby Bottle Drive is a fun and simple way to help support JMJ. Many churches will do this because it does not take away from normal church funding and allows families to get a real and tangible example of how JMJ helps less fortunate families in Central Florida.Bottles are handed out after church one day, the family fills the bottle and then they are returned the next week, or the next month. Once the bottles are returned JMJ picks up the bottles, counts the money raised and sends a thank you to the Church for their support.

I Want to Host a Baby Bottle Drive

Do you want to plan a fun event to get a group excited about helping babies, host a baby shower for JMJ! It can be as big or as small as you want, there are no rules.

  • Pick a location
  • Set a date and time
  • Create and send out invitations (this can be printed, email, social media invites. Be sure to include who, what, when, where and why your are hosting the shower.) Please include a link to our registry, so people know what we are most in need of. Also, make sure to send us an invitation, so we know about it.
  • Plan activities and decorations (the internet is full of baby shower activities and decorations many you can do very cheap or free, so get creative!)
  • Host shower and have fun!
  • Make an appointment to bring shower items in to JMJ by calling our office. We will provide a letter of thanks to your organization and we will pass along your generous gifts to the families that need them.

I Want to Host a Baby Shower

Hosting a private fundraiser is a way for people to get together with like-minded friends/business associates to socialize, have fun and raise money for a great cause. This can be done at a public venue, a church, a restaurant or in your own home.

We can help customize each fundraiser based on the desires of the host. They have all been a lot of fun and have helped us support our life-giving ministry. We have made a lot of new friends and reconnected with old ones. We love working on these special projects with private groups.

I Want to Host a Fundraiser